Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ancient Vampire Book Found

Welcome to my life. Day 5,735. Which sucks! who the hell wants to be a teenager in this day and age. The 60's, there was a good time. The 70's maybe if you didn't get caught up in that whole coke fiasco. Even the eighties, yeah, they were daggy, but shit, at least they had some character. What the hell do we have to call our own?! The friggin Jonas brothers? Talk about lacking in substance! I mean, sure they're cute (especially Nick. Can't believe he's getting married!) But really! Compare them to Bob Dylan or Axl Rose. Those were idols you didn't secretly have to be ashamed to be fans of.

In other news, stopped by Max's Freakatorium today. For those not in the know (shame on you!) there's a link down below. He showed me this giant friggin book with these huge pictures. I managed to get him to email me one of them. He said I'd get them one at a time. It's a book about this vampire named Oya. Apparently she was captured by Freemasons like a hundred years ago and they did all these experiments on her. Check out the artwork:

Pretty freaky, right? Gotta go now. Mom's calling me to dinner. Will update you on the book as more info comes in. Over and Out.


  1. Having been a teen in the '80's, all I can say is that it was a great time. Totally awesome, to be specific. Big hair, legwarmers, shoulder pads and dayglo -- I wish they would bring it all back, esp. the big hair. Oh, and also -- Near Dark, The Lost Boys, and Fright Night. All '80's movies. Need I say more?!

  2. There is that, but then there is me dressing up as if I were in Miami Vice. Not so bad in Miami, but this was Yeovil, in Somerset, England.

    The Lost Boys and Ferris Beuller made it all worthwhile though.


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