Monday, August 31, 2009

My Sister Must Die!

Welcome To my life. Day 5741. God I hate my life! All day long I get grief from every type of authority figure on the planet then I come home and get harassed by my own family! Mom discovered my Anne Rice altar and went ballistic. She's like this old world Orthodox Christian and she started telling me all about not having 'false idols' before God. Like Anne Rice is a false Idol! I know it was Helen that told her about it. It took me weeks to work out how to hide it from them. I made it inside this old chest I got from the Freakatorium. Max said it once belonged to Tom Thumb. That he used to sleep in it. It did kind of smell like stale dwarf but I got it anyway. Max was happy to get rid of it. There's no room for any more shit at the Freakatorium. I begged him again to send me another illustration from the Oya book but he's still holding out. He just keeps quoting the Marquis De Sade to me. I wonder how many 15 year-olds know the Marquis De Sade by heart. Thanks, Max.

Anyway, Mom goes on this little tirade, how her daughter is a 'heathen' while my sister, Helen stands behind her chuckling the whole time. I'm sure she's behind it. She's always snooping around. Nosy bitch! Ever since I had my room decorated as the 'Savage Garden'. Her room still looks the same as it has since she was 6. Except for all her stupid trophies. She's got like fifty of them. Everything from State Cheer leading Championship to Outstanding Summer Camper. The only thing I ever won was a $20 gift certificate to Best Buy at a mall raffle. I was trying to win a car! Anyway, Helen is totally jealous of my room. for one thing, it's bigger than hers. And I have my own Bathroom. Well, actually, I share it with my brother, Raymond. But he's gay so he's really clean. He complains about my mess, if you believe that! I'm not really supposed to say anything, cause he's still in the closet but everybody knows. And he has a collection of gay porn under his bed.

I'm coming up with a plan to get back at my sister. Will keep you posted. Here's a photo of Lara's Savage Garden - my bedroom (that's Tom's trunk in the corner):

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