Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thankskilling - flick of the week

Welcome to my life. Day 5739. I wish I had a cat. I'd have a black one, of course. I'd name him Lestat. Gabrielle if it was a she. But my sister, Helen, is allergic. Or so she claims. She does these little private school sneezes whenever one is within ten feet of her. Mind you the cats don't seem to like her much either. They start hissing and get all up on their haunches like she was a dog or something. I guess they don't care that she's president of the PETA club at school. Last year she declared she was becoming a vegetarian. I don't buy it for a second! It's all an act. It's always been. What can I say, she knows how to play the game. A game I simply refuse to play. Helen has the little rulebook for becoming Miss Perfection and she's following it to a T.


Anyway, my Lovelies, it's time for Lara's Puke Flick of the Week. Now this flick is still unreleased and I am yet to see it but it looks right up my alley. It's called Thankskilling and it's about, yes, killer turkeys. I'm assuming it'll have a Thanksgiving release so watch out for it. Sounds like a perfect follow up to the Cowboys Redskins game (not that I follow football). Here's the link:


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  1. Thanks for the plug Lara. Yes, ThanksKilling will be released on DVD on November 17th, 2009. You may purchase it now at and have it delivered on the release date.


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