Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nightmare Read of the week - Meat

Welcome to my life. Day 5742. Ola, Vampiros, mios. I think that means something. This week's Nightmare Read of the week is in honor of my sister, Helen, the vegetarian. It's called Meat. Having done everything in her power to ruin my life, (like telling the whole school that I padded my bra in the 8th grade and having Jimmy Pompadukis stuff his hand down my shirt and come up with my old tube socks! For which he only got three days detention! I wanted to press charges! That's sexual assault, man! but Mom persuaded me not to - a mistake I regret to this day.) I now begin to wage an all out campaign to ruin hers. This first shot may be small but it's the thought that counts.

Meat is a strange story about this town in the middle of nowhere that really likes to eat meat. There's like a religious seriousness about how they eat their meat. But where does the meat come from? I haven't actually read the book or anything. I'm too busy reading The Vampire Lestat for the 28th time. You'll find that my blog isn't really about reviewing but more about announcing. Occasionally I will say what's what but mostly, I'm just spreading news that comes my way via my awesome online networking skills. But I'm definitely planning on giving this one a read. Either that or it'll be something I pretend to read whenever Helen is in the room. That should get some nice reactions. Anyway, rock on, meat lovers! This one's for you.

Here's a link to the Book's site:


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