Wednesday, October 28, 2009

28 Hours Later Horror Marathon

Welcome to my life. Day 5798. Greetings my Loquacious Locusts. Just finished watching the Scream Awards on Spike TV. They should call them them the Screech Awards cause of all the screeching females in the crowd. At least they had a nice tribute to Romero. Tarantino needs to do some sit ups. And who can beat a category called Best Mutilation? And the Baba Ganush flick (Drag Me To Hell) won Best Picture! Congrats to True Blood for all the kudos though I'm not the biggest fan. Vampires are too cool to reveal themselves to society. Why the hell should they? But at least it has sufficient bloodletting. And yeah, what's with the Twatfest? Since when is Twatlight a horror film?! I like that it won Best Fantasy. That movie is about as realistic as My Little Pony. With more sparkle. There is a group on Facebook called ‘Because I saw Twilight, I have unrealistic expectations of men.’ Remarkable self-awareness. Talk about fantasy: a supernatural superstud who can't go 'all the way.' Dream on, girls.

Anyway, today I want to tell you about a very special film fest happening this weekend called 28 Hours Later. It's actually a 28 hour horror marathon. Damn! I think even I would have trouble sitting through 28 hours of gore. That's like an endurance test to see who can go the longest without puking. Still, it's a challenge. And what a great way to bring in Halloween. If anybody actually sits through the whole 28 hours I'd like to hear about your experience. Do you start hallucinating after a while? I think it could be a life changing experience. Like a sweat lodge or something. Did you hear about those people that died in a sweat lodge? And the dude who organized it is still doing his thing, making lots of money! Welcome to Absurdistan. That's my new name for America.

Anyway, 28 Days Later is on in Fareham, England and organized by Horror UK. And it's absolutely FREE! How cool is that?! Here's a link:


World Series Game 1 tonight! Go Yanks!

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