Monday, October 5, 2009

Vampire Film Fest Sucks!

Welcome to my life. Day 5775. Greetings my Intoxicated Intellectuals. Another week and another disappointment. I am officially withdrawing my endorsement of the Vampire Film Festival. You might recall a couple of weeks ago that I said that Vampfest was letting online voters decide who gets into the fest. This was supposed to be our chance to take back our genre from the Twatlighters! Well, I just had a look at their final selection and those films were neither the most popular or the most highly rated in the contest. For instance - My Wife Is A Vampire which got over 1200 hits and 5 stars was passed over in favor of A Hammer Fell In Jerusalem which had 170 hits and only 3 stars. I guess the trailer contest was just a showpiece and the selections really depended on whatever relatives of the organizers were in those crappy flicks they selected. I also just found out that the brilliant vampire author, Gabrielle Faust (and writer of my favorite blog, Eternal Vigilance), who was supposed to emcee their forum, also backed out (perhaps in protest of this obviously bogus selection process.)

So I'd like to apologize to my readers for letting them think that their vote might matter and I strongly urge you all to boycott this event in protest of such chicanery! I also have it on good authority that they sent out congratulation letters to the wrong films and then had to take them back (presumably after those poor filmmakers sent out excited mass emails about their selections) Pathetic! Finally, they seem to be sucking on on the Twatlight tit pretty heavily so STAY AWAY!

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  1. That's ridiculous. Not only will I boycott it, but I'll post something about the atrocity as well.


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