Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Yankees win the Pennant!

Welcome to my life. Day 5795. Greetings my Reckless Wrinkles . Yeaaaaaahhhh! The Yankees are 2009 American League Champions. This is their 40th AL pennant! The sixth and final game of the series was pretty awesome. The Yanks showcased their 'Core Four' - Cap'n Jeets (my love), Andy Petitte (starting pitcher), Jorge Posada (catcher) and Mo (the closer) - the four guys who are still around from the original dynasty like a million years ago. It's kind of crazy how long baseball players play. To think they were winning championships when I was 2 years old. It was pretty special. Sorry, Charlie to the Angels who made a bunch more errors. I think they were kind of overcome by the moment while the Yanks were all old hand about it. I'm celebrating with a bottle of Merlot I stole from the basement. Dad has a creepy little wine closet thing down there and sometimes he leaves it unlocked. None of them are like really old or anything.

Anyway, now the Bronx Bombers will face the Philly Phillies in the World Series. Last time they both attended the 'big dance' was 1950 and the Yanks swept. This time though, the Phillies are defending world champions so this makes it that much more poetic. I mean, if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best, right? What's cooler is that this is the first year of the new Yankee Stadium and it would be nice to christen it with a championship like they did the original. So get ready, Philaldelphia. The Yankees are coming. And their bringing the heat!

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