Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Rod, Cap'n Jeets Bring The Sweets

Welcome to my life. Day 5787. Hello my Undead Underlings. Yeah! Yankees win again! Cap'n Jeets brought the sweets with a homer in the 3rd and A-Rod, the closer killer, tied it up in the 11th with a homer of his own. Angels made another sloppy mistake in the 13th and threw it away! Definitely the most exciting game I've every seen. I keep hearing about what they were like about ten years ago, when they had their dynasty and won three in a row but I can hardly imagine them any better than they are now.

Too excited to write about anything else tonight. I'll just leave you with this little blog I read today:

Why I give my 9 year old pot

Why couldn't I have a cool Mom like this lady?

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