Monday, October 19, 2009

Website of the Week - Trailer Wars

Welcome to my life. Day 5789. Greetings my Wasp Whisperers. Today I'm introducing a new feature on Lara's Thoughts. It's called Website of the Week. Now I'm always telling you about cool indie flicks that you might never have heard of and this week I've stumbled on the mother load. It's a site called Trailer Wars and on it, trailers for all kinds of indie flicks of all genres (yes, horror is a biggie) battle it out with you, yes, you, as the judge. I love it! I've spent the last two hours perusing the different trailers and have found at least a dozen that are on my list of must check out! Check it out here:


In terms of life, it continues to suck. The Yankees lost despite home runs from Cap'n Jeets and like three other guys. For some reason it was on during the day (don't people have to work?!) and I only caught the highlights. It seems to me that the Yankees manager is a bit too nervous. He seems like a nice guy and all but he just keeps changing pitchers like he's got ants in his pants. I think he needs to chill out. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Oh, well, nobody expected the Yanks to sweep. We'll kick their butts tomorrow.

I also think the love spell I've been casting on a certain someone may be starting to work. I've caught him looking at me a couple of times today. He's like super popular so I'm not getting my hopes up but he's just sooooo cute. Okay, his name is Billy Mathews. Don't broadcast it, okay? This project has been almost a month in the planning and I think I'm almost ready to make my move. For those of you who are new to Lara's Thoughts, I have an altar to Anne Rice in front of which I perform various voodoo rituals with varying degrees of success. So far I've managed to bring myself good luck (I found twenty bucks) and I made Helen (my sister) have some vicious flatulence during Sunday mass. That was great! Especially since she's in the choir. Every once in a while you'd hear these squeaky white girl farts mixed in with the hymns. It was all I could to keep from rolling down the aisle. Even Mom was mad at her for 'not being able to control herself'. Helen spent the whole afternoon crying. Anyway, I'll let you know how the Billy Mathews project pans out in a couple of days. Wish me luck.

Till then, here are the first 6 minutes of one my favorite shorts, Orion Slave Girls Must Die:

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