Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Band of the Week - Temple Of Echoes

Welcome to my life. Day 5804. Hello my Flagellated Falafels. Not a hell of a lot going on today. Had to see Doc Wallace. He makes house calls. Mom calls him every chance she gets. I think he's pretty tired of the Baxters. He prescribed some antibiotics and assured Mom it wasn't pig flu and now I have to go back to school. What if I do get pig flu, dammit?! doesn't anybody realize that our schools are like biohazard zones?! They need to call the whole school year off, if you ask me. How many students have to die before they fucking do something about it?! I'm sorry but an A in English is not worth my life! Fuck school. What a load of horseshit, anyway. Just an excuse for morbid manchildren to relive their unrequited daydreams. And that's the teachers I'm talking about. Then again I could be one of those strange home schooled kids. Talk about social problems. I guess being a pariah is better than being a hermit. Who would have thought.

Anyway. Today I bring you an awesome Gothish band called Temple of Echoes. I'm absolutely in lust with the lead singer, Wes Stanton. His vocals never fail to make me feel all tingly in all the right places. That's the kind of man I need. A rocker. None of this jock bullshit. Jocks are jocks cause they have small peckers. Everybody knows that. Anyway, my favorite song of theirs is called Snakes. Check out their Myspace:


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