Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oh, snap! Anne Rice disses New Moon!

Welcome to my life. Day 5922. Greetings my Venomous Vampires. So Anne Rice, on her Facebook Fanpage said the following:

Please understand, I am not "comparing" Jane Eyre or Rebecca to Twilight and New Moon. I am saying that the films I saw, Twilight and New Moon, are in the tradition of female romance. Bronte and De Maurier are outstanding examples of that type of novel. I can't judge Ms. Meyer's work as I haven't read it. Of course these movies are for very young teenagers. That is part of their intent.

Did you hear that? She called Twatlight baby stuff! Notice the emphasis on 'very' young teenagers. What's that, like, eleven? Twelve? I think a thirteen year old would already feel kind of insulted about being called a 'very young teenager'. I'm 15 and I sure as hell ain't no very young teenager. The fact that it's a little Mills and Boon for little girls is kind of sick! I mean these readers are going straight from Judy Bloom to Twatlight! And that's what grown ups don't get. It's not us outsiders that are into these books. It's the popular kids that are into it. They form whole societies around it. Like some kind of Dungeons and Dragons for lonely heart teenage girls. Personally, I can't bear the fact that emotions have become such a group activity. I mean, seriously! Nothing is sacred anymore. It used to be the boys that would kiss and tell. And the boys? Well, I kind of feel sorry for them. None of them will ever measure up to these deluded dreamers' idea of masculinity. I think some real damage is being done here. On a mass cultural scale. We're going to have a whole generation of hopelessly romantic women, all of whom will be able to trace all their problems to the day some so called friend passed them a copy of New Moon. I'm telling you, this is a massive step backwards for the Women's movement. That is the danger of Twatlight. Not what the Catholic Church is griping about, which is basically that it's witchcraft or whatever. In regards to that Anne says.

I'm not criticizing the Catholic church because the Pontifical Council on Culture criticized New Moon. I'm simply amazed that the Vatican took any notice at all of New Moon. I've never been noticed by the Vatican, and I never expect to be. I think it's kind of...well...interesting that New Moon caught their attention.

If I didn't know better, I would say that Anne was a tad jealous of the Twatlight phenomena. Of course Anne has nothing to prove to anyone. And as if twenty million twelve year old raving female fans are any kind of measure of greatness. Don't sweat it, Anne. Stephanie Meyer has nothing on you. And don't stoop to read the books. They are unworthy of your brilliant mind.

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