Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Dark Sabbath! More Oya Pics!

Welcome to my life. Day 5914. Greetings my Ominous Omens. And Happy Dark Sabbath. Friday, the 13th, of course. In honor of this momentous occasion, the third in this year of the Ox. I have always loved Friday the 13th and this one, so close to Halloween seems to have extra significance. The 2012 flick comes out today. Can't wait to check out the end of the world. I think this flick is going to start a total panic all over the world as this heretofor privileged information becomes accessible to the general public. That is truly the power of the cinema. The ability to reach the most number of people and deliver information in a completely understandable way. Through imagery. Through entertainment. This panic is going to become self fulfilling as people start to have shorter and shorter goals. Society will begin to crumble. And everything will go to shit. You see, we don't really need an asteroid or a nuclear holocaust to to create like a Mad Max scenario. All we have to do is stop trying. The only reason we exist and enjoy the lifestyles we do today is because of the constant, endless upkeep it requires. We spend our days trudging off to school or to work just to perpetuate this dance. It is the ultimate beehive mentality. By 'working', all you're doing is maintaining the status quo. There is the illusion of personal gain but really it's almost entirely altruistic. We do it for the sake of the hive. And don't kid yourself that you don't. I don't care if you're a big shot lawyer or if you flip burgers, you are simply a link in the chain. What happens when we stop caring about the chain? What if we lose faith in its strength? Last year the financial collapse was the first crack in the foundation of our precious society. These are all abstract thoughts but on a practical level think of all the factory worker's kids growing up with the internet, with access to visions of a better life. Mine is a generation of dreamers that thinks its shit don't stink. So who's going to man all your factories? Who's going to drive your garbage trucks? Who's going to to all that Dirty Jobs shit our parents did? No one. We are on the road to destruction and we don't even know it. I sure as hell ain't working in no bank like Dad! That's my Friday the 13th doomsday prediction. Hope it made you feel all fuzzy inside.

Went by the Freakatorium today and Max gave me TWO Oya pictures cause he knows that Friday the 13th is like my favorite day of the year. So here they are! They depict Oya's 'journey to the New World'. Having wiped out the Spanish Conquistadors who massacred her Mayan worshippers, the Vampire Oya headed north. She drank the blood of animals to survive but they kept her weak and of a foul disposition.

By the time Oya finally saw a human, she was too weak to take him. Instead, she was overpowered and taken herself. She had died a virgin. Now her undead body was being defiled and she was powerless to stop it.

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