Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Puke Flick Review - Thankskilling

Welcome to my life. Day 5818. Hello my Raunchy Reindeer. Okay, so being a privileged member of the media, I was lucky enough to receive an early screener of Thankskilling. It comes out today and I strongly recommend that you stuff this one into your DVD collection. Only one thing. If you plan on watching it on Thanksgiving, I'd do it before dinner.

This is shlock horror at it's very best. It's like Meet the Feebles meets Toxic Avenger meets Rocky Horror meets Triumph the Insult Comic. Turkey is hilarious! Granted if you're looking for some profound realism, you won't be finding it here. This is pure horror farce. Like when Turkey kills a guy while he's doing his girlfriend from behind then takes over. When the girlfriend finally realizes what just happened, turkey says, "Ha ha, you've been stuffed!" Ha ha indeed! Or when Turkey rips off this girl's father's face and then wears it ala Leatherface and fools everyone. "Hello, Daddy," the daughter says. I mean, this is a turkey, we're talking about! I was rolling on the floor the whole time. It might've helped that Raymond made some of his special brownies beforehand. He said the occasion definitely called for it. And boy was he right! I haven't had this much fun since Lionel's mother's ear fell into the pudding (Dead Alive).

The gore is splatterricious! Turkey doesn't really have a modus operandi per say, he likes to mix and match, get creative in his kills. But kill he does. Everyone. The cast is suitably over the top with a group of overgrown teenagers leading the charge. The flick is totally indie so it has that sweet rough around the edges low budget feel that I've always felt actually gives these flicks character. You can tell the guys that made it really had a good time doing it. I mean, it's not the kind of flick I'd make but then I'm a broody Goth and they're nutty shlock guys. Well, done, fellas. 360 degrees for five hours. That's a turkey joke.

Anyway, this movie is made with unquenchingly bad taste and a shamelessness rarely found in movies. If you're into your exploitation, you owe it to yourself to get this one:


I give it 5 stars. 4 if you're out of weed.

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