Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Yankees Win #27!!!

Welcome to my life. Day 5805. Greetings my Gargling Gargoyles. The Yankees have just won their 27th World Championship!!! Who's Your Daddy!

Congratulations to Hideki Matsui for winning World Series MVP. He hit 600 with 3 home runs - something only done by one other guy - Babe Ruth. They could have given it to Cap'n Jeets. He hit 400 and actually played the field. But I think he'll be happy with A.L. MVP, which I'm sure he'll get. And Matsui deserves it. He hit a monster, Godzilla-sized home run against Pedro and the Yanks never looked back. I'm sure the Japanese are all getting drunk off saki. This comes 8 years to the day since the Yanks lost the 2001 series with Arizona. The first series I watched. I was only seven but I was hooked. The Yanks had brought the city of a deep, dark depression after 911. They should have won that series. But this feels like they've finally made up for it. They are once again, World Champions.

In all the Phillies power offense was shut down by our three horsemen, Andy (The Warrior) Pettite, C.C. (Black) Sabathia, and A.J. (Killer Curve) Burnett. Johnny Damon stole the pivotal game 4 and the Phils never recovered. And our offense was pretty offensive. It is kind of a dream team of power bats. A-Rod had 18 RBI for the post season, 1 shy of the record - good for him.

There'll be a lot of haters crying about how the Yankees 'bought the Championship' with expensive players. So let me tell you something. Yes, our guys get paid well. And guess what, they're worth every penny. Maybe you should be blaming your broke ass team for their problems. Competition doesn't end on the field. The Yanks invest in their team because they care about being the best. And yeah, they're a bunch of over achievers but you need a team to go all the way. A real team. A group of guys who like and respect each other. And no matter how good you are, there's no way to have an ego on this team. Everywhere you turn you feel humbled. On one side there's the Japanese Babe Ruth (Matsui), on another is probably the greatest home run hitter of all time (A-Rod), turn again and their might just be the greatest post season hitter of all time (Jeets). Oh, you turned again? That's just the all time winningest pitcher in the post season history (Pettitte). What, again? Just the greatest Closer of all time (Mo). Forget about it. I dare you to have some attitude. Babe Ruth himself would have been humbled on this team. So the Phillies shouldn't feel too bad. They put up a good fight but they were no match for the Yanks this year. This fall classic was truly a classic. Go get Halladay and we'll see you next year. Finally, to put the Yanks success into perspective, the next three winningest teams combined Championship wins amount to 26. Cards - 10, A's - 9, Red Sox - 7. Now that's a tradition of kicking some serious ass! Congrats, Yanks! Enjoy the moment. You deserve it.

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