Sunday, November 15, 2009

Superfan gets UGLY

Welcome to my life. Day 5916. Hello my Portly Porpoises. So for the past 2 days I've been having this online brawl with this lamo skank named Lisa French on the Superfan Site. The bitch has no life and has decided to take me on as the Anne Rice Superfan! Can you believe it?!!! Moi?!!! Everybody knows I'm the true Anne Rice Superfan! This poser slut has over 700 Superfan pages and just figures she's going to usurp Anne Rice too! Not a chance! I will take this to the Supreme Courth if I have to! I think she's like a shut-in or something. Who the hell has that much time on their hands?! I'm starting a Facebook hate group against her. I'm sure some of my close to 4000 friends on Facebook will assist. I plan to make her life hell until she gives up the Anne Rice Superfan page!!!

Anyway, here's a transcript of our altercation:


"There can only be one Anne Rice superfan! That's me!"
Anne Rice

  • hmmm hard to believe you're "the true Anne Rice superfan" when you haven't done anything to improve her profile page... it would be great if you were to upload some pics to show your support! :))))

  • hmmm. Get a life. Skank.

  • lol that's no way to talk to someone who congratulated you on leveling up! Perhaps if you were nicer I would let you keep Anne Rice! :))

  • Lara Baxter

    I've read the vampire chronicles over a hundred times! I have a blog dedicated to Anne Rice! You have two hundred other superfan pages!

  • Lisa French

    I've been reading Anne Rice novels since I was in high school 24 years ago - and I have over 700 SuperFaves... so what's your point exactly?

  • Lara Baxter

    OMG! I'm in high school now and my Mom says I'm too old for this stuff. Are you like a shut in? Get out and get some air!

  • Lisa French

    you are only 15 years old yet claim to have read a 10-part book series, hundreds of times... and you tell me to get some fresh air? LMAO!!!

  • Lara Baxter

    Oh, you poor, sad, old thing. Is this what you do between hot flashes?

Then some other bitch chimes in:

  • No need to be mean about it....

  • Lara Baxter

    Who the hell are you, skankopotomus? Mind your own business and go blow yourself!

  • lol it's ok Michelle, clearly she is a child who hasn't been taught any better by her parents. You should've seen the private messages! She has a very foul mouth and does NOT deserve to be the SuperFan... So I'll just continue to steal it back and hopefully gain some attention for this awesome author! :))) What she seems to forget is that she in fact stole this fave from someone else before I stole it from her! lol :)))

  • You bunch of lol'rs make me want to puke!

    isn't it past your bedtime yet? LMAO

  • uh, oh, granny French is getting angry! All out of Ben Gay?

  • wow you really are very childish! oh wait you ARE A CHILD! LOL

    Posted 1 hour ago by Lisa French

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