Thursday, November 19, 2009

Slayer, Testament, Megadeath!

Welcome to my life. Day 5820. Hello my Tea-Totaling Tele-Tubbies. Don't know what to write about today. I'm studying like crazy for stupid exams. No time for pleasantries. So I'm letting everybody know about the most awesome concert tour to come in a while. It's called the American Carnage Tour. SLAYER, TESTAMENT and MEGADEATH! Those are like three of the best bands EVER! I'm so there.

Check it out:


I sort of have a new friend at school. She's the new kid. Her name is Melissa. I don't know though. She talks a lot. I mean, a lot. What's up with people who talk a lot? Like, if you don't stop her, she'll just keep going. She'll, like, tell you what she had for breakfast. When you think about it, people like that make awful friends. It's really just a sign of self-centeredness. Think about it. You just don't care about the other person in the supposed conversation. If you did, you might, like, stop and ask a question or something. I'm always asking questions. Because I care. As if. No, I don't think I can be friends with Melissa. She's a huge Anne Rice fan and everything but it's not like she can tell me anything about Anne Rice I don't already know.

In larger news, the U.S. Senate is about to vote on Obama's Health Care Bill. The House O' Reps already passed it. Obama's presidency is basically hanging on this thing. It's like he went all in with his first hand. Crazy. If it passes his presidency is already a roaring success. It's historic. If not, he will be seen as an ineffective president. And it will just be remembered as a little footnote. And it's all hanging on a couple of rogue Democratic Senators. Very exciting stuff. It's funny, the rest of the world is kind of dissing Obama already. The Asians this week pretty much told him to stick it. America's might is not what it was. China is our Daddy, now. We owe them a whole mess of chopsticks. Even the Japanese want us to get our troops out of there. Guess that's what you get when people get to see the Emperor's new clothes. Our financial collapse has seriously chinked the old armor. Cause it's all an illusion, man. The whole friggin thing. Like the Matrix. Dad explained it to me. He works in a bank. The money doesn't really exist. It's all debt. If everyone suddenly tried to take their money out of the bank at once, it wouldn't be there. Cause only like 1% of it actually exists. That's just nuts!

Also, Killing Boxx is having a contest for signed Wicked Pixel DVDs! Check it out:


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