Friday, November 6, 2009

Tattoo Of The Week - Monkey Butt

Welcome to my life. Day 5807. Greetings my Indifferent Indigents. New feature this week. Send in your tats if you want on. Still reeling over the Yankees winning the World Series! I know, you're sick of me talking about it. Watching a lot of TV. God, commercials suck! Especially those effing Free Credit Report Dot Com commercials. Somebody string that guy up! Worst part is they get in your head and you find yourself singing them all day long. Like that 1800 GET SLIM commercial.

Let your new life begin
call 1800 GET SLIM

It doesn't even fucking rhyme! Begin does not rhyme with slim! I guess not much rhymes with slim. And what the hell are they advertising? Fat surgery? Jesus! Can you imagine that getting stuck in a fat person's head? That's like singing I'm a fatty fat slob and I look like a flabby blob to yourself all day long. What, at least it rhymes.

Still staying home sick. Being sick rules!

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