Monday, November 23, 2009

Greatest Birthday Gift EVER!!!!!

welcome to my life. Day 5824. Hello my Escommunicated Existentialists. I just got the greatest Birthday present I've ever gotten!!! I know, my Birthday isn't for another couple of weeks but Nobody is perfect. Here it is! A signed copy of Anne Rice's new book, Angel Time! From Anne Rice herself. It pays being a superfan. I'm going to read it immediately then let you know what I think.

Okay, so I just finished Angel Time. This is not going to be easy. Everyone knows I'm Anne's biggest fan and that I have an Anne Rice altar in my bedroom. That's why it pains me so greatly to see what I consider to be a waste of her remarkable talents. Yes, Lestat is my all time favorite book. I have read it over a hundred times. (that's saying a lot, seeing as I'm only 15 years old). In fact Anne's first three books are, in my opinion, the greatest books ever written, vampire or not. So I know what she's capable of. To me she will always be Madame Nightmare.

Now I know Anne's been on this Jesus tip ever since Katrina and that's fair enough. To each his own. And I assume she believes she's doing God's work by spending all her time now preaching the Gospel. But if you want to know what I think, God has enough preachers of the Gospel already. Her dark gifts are so incredibly unique that NOT using them is a sin. My favorite quote is one by Red Skelton. "Talent is God's gift to you. Using that talent is your gift to God."

Madame Nightmare, we miss you. You revolutionized a genre only to become just another voice in the choir. You owe it to yourself, and to God, to wield the powers you've been given. Be true to yourself. That's all God would ever ask of you.

Your Superfan,

Lara Baxter

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