Sunday, November 1, 2009

Website of the Week - The Killing Boxx

Welcome to my life. Day 5802. Hello my Demonic Doo-Hickies. I have a Halloween hangover. So many costumes! Raymond and I went to manhattan and checked out the Halloween Parade. I did the vampire thing again. It was pretty awesome.

Yankees have won the past two days and are now only one win away from their 27th World Series Championship! The Phillies are putting up a fight but the Yanks just seem to squeeze it out every time. A Rod keeps getting the big hits. Cap'n Jeets has like 7 already. He's always in the middle of all the scoring. I'm expecting him to do something big tonight. He is Mr. November, after all. Although he kind of got that nickname like Obama got the Nobel Prize, with his first hit in November. Not saying he has anything to prove, just that this would be a good chance to really cement it.

First they beat a pitcher named Cole Hamels. I kept calling him Camels Hole. That's like the funniest baseball name since Albert Pujols. But tonight it was Johnny Damon with a classic double steal on the shift in the ninth. That's like really sophisticated baseball speak for all you lay people. Ha! Lay people. That's funny.

See, the shift is when the guy at the plate (batting) has a reputation for pulling the ball like the guy hitting after Damon, Mark Texeira. So all the infielders shift over to that side of the field to block as many holes on that side as possible. The problem with the shift is that there's nobody guarding third base. It's a sacrifice that usually pays off. But Johnny Damon knew he could exploit it. After stealing second Johnny just mosied on over to third. Hilarious. There was nobody to throw the ball to. The significance? Having a guy on third base eliminated Brad Lidge's (the pitcher) best pitch, the curveball which often ends up in the dirt. It was a tie game so if the ball got away from the catcher, Damon would score the winning run. So Lidge started throwing fastballs. A Rod likes fastballs. So does Posada. The game was over quick. But it's the double steal in the World Series that will be talked about for ever and ever.

Speaking of people talking, I can't stop hearing about Paranormal Activity, the number one movie in America. It was made for like ten grand and has already raked in over 60 million. I have to admit I'm a little curious. It's about a family that suspects that their house is haunted so they put up all this surveillance equipment and the movie is basically that footage. I guess it's the new Blair Witch Project.

It's about time some cool indie stuff began breaking into the mainstream. There's a lot of good film out there that never gets to see the light of day. But, hell, people need entertainment and Hollywood just seems to keep coming up short. The problem, to me, is pretty obvious. The studios have lost touch with what makes a good movie in the first place - the script! I'm always amazed at how much attention to detail is put into the visual aspect of every single frame of these 50 million dollar flicks. Now if only a fraction of that devotion went into the screenwriting! Hollywood is a victim of its own success. The movie business is so risky that all the risk gets taken out of the movies. They become all sterile and formulaic. Horror films are now all remakes of 80's classics. If your movie wasn't already made in the eighties, forget about it. Why should they take a chance on something that's 'unproven'. I've never understood why anyone would want to remake a perfectly good movie. Unless there's like some new technology or like naughty stuff that you couldn't show before. Although I am kind of excited about the new Elm Street. Kelly from Bad New Bears is playing Freddy. Remember, I pointed him out in Watchmen? Good for him. Talk about a comeback. I always knew that kid would turn out no good. I think they'll go for a scarier feel for this new one. I hope Freddy doesn't lose all his charm.

Anyway, I think we're about to see an injection of fresh talent in the movies. All these indies that are being made are going to reveal talent easier than ever before. Other little Hollywoods are going to spring up all over the place. And Hollywood will have to follow suit. I may be a little biased but I actually think blogs like mine are the key. Anyone can start one and have their voices heard. I say whatever the fuck I want and you can read it or not at your discretion. But it's up to us to discover the new talent. Hollywood obviously isn't going to. I read somewhere the other day that they haven't 'discovered' a new star since Julia Roberts. That's like fifty years ago! Nowadays all the stars come from TV and from indies. And who discovers indies? We do! I actually take this very seriously. It is my duty as a a member of the press (which is what I am, essentially) to bring you information you may not have otherwise heard before.

And in so doing I will also sing the praises of others who do the same. This week I bring you The Killing Boxx, a website championing indie film everywhere. The coolest thing about it is the Blood Donors section. I'm still not sure what it's for but it's pretty sweet. You can start your own little page on their site. Check out mine:


I had to put that I was over 18 so don't tell anyone that I'm not.

Anyway, Go Yanks! Win one for the new house. The one the Jeter built!

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