Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anne Rice and Gays

Welcome to my life. Day 5750. First of all I'd like to congratulate Capt'n Jeets on tying Lou Gehrig's all time Yankees hits record. And in general I'd like to nominate September 9th as Derek Jeter Day. Nuff said.

Anne Rice has been opening up a discussion on her Facebook Fanpage (If you're not a fan, leave my site now!) about being Gay and being Christian and how Christians think that gay people are that way by choice. Here's what she writes:

Why do so many Christians want to believe that gay people choose their "lifestyle?" I don't quite understand it.

And then later:

On Christians and gays: the emails I receive incline me to believe that Christians feel they are not free to examine gay experience. They feel that Scripture obligates them to close their minds to whatever we can learn today from gay people about who they are. As a Catholic, I feel no obligation to close my mind to any area of knowledge.

Since I have a gay brother (Raymond) and a veeerry Christian mother (and a bitch sister), I think that I am in the perfect position to comment on the subject. First of all, gay people are NOT gay because they choose to be. At least not my brother. I think he's like totally ashamed of it. Mostly because of what he thinks Mom would think if she found out. Personally I think he underestimates her. Mom is a good mom. She would love us no matter what we were. That's the saddest thing to me, when families disown their gay children because of their religious beliefs. Mom always says that there is nothing we could do that would make her stop loving us. That's a pretty big call. I mean, what if I suddenly decided to like become a serial killer or something. Huh, Mom? What then? But being gay? Hell, I think she could live with that. Anyway, why would anyone really want to be gay? I mean, they do have a lot of fun, party all the time, have no real responsibilities, no families to support, actually maybe I should become gay. But then there's the stigma and the persecution and the inability to get basic human rights and the occasional gay bashing, not to mention not being able to run for president. I mean, do you really think gay people have this conversation in their head? All they know is, when they look in the mirror, they want to do themselves. That's my personal theory. On a psychological level, homosexuality is really just self-love. Whereas straight men are just trying to get back inside the womb. The warmest, safest place they've every known. Straight women? I haven't figured it out yet. But I think it has something to do with being treated like a Queen. Which is why I don't think I could be gay. There can only be one Queen. And we all know the King has no real power. Like that game, chess. Raymond tried to teach it to me but it was too confusing. But I did like that the Queen kicked a lot of ass while the King just sat around hiding behind the prawns. My kind of game. But I've digressed. What was I talking about? Raymond gave me some special brownie he made this afternoon and I can't seem to stay focused on anything now. Oh, yeah, Raymond being gay. I think he should come out. It would totally make him easier to be around. I think it's like the source of all his problems. He's like terrified of his own shadow most of the time. But whatever, I'm sure he'll pick the right moment. Here's a picture of the happy Baxter siblings:

Anyway, if you want to keep up with Anne check out her Facebook Fanpage that she updates daily:


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  1. Kinda funny that Christians get so literal about the Bible when it comes to being gay, but they love to eat bacon.

    I do believe many parts of the Bible myself though. For example, I would never covet my neighbours donkey. In fact, I wouldn't do anything to my neighbours donkey. I'll stop now as I'm talking like an ass


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