Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vampire Book Of Oya - Inside the Mayan Pyramid

Welcome to my life. Day 5762. Greetings my wobbly wombats. So Max finally decided to let me have another picture from The Book Of Oya. For those who don't know, the book of Oya chronicles the life and death of the Vampire Oya who was captured by Freemasons like a hundred years ago. The book was illustrated by a guy named Jules Whitaker, a prominent anatomical illustrator of the time. He spent time with her and listened to her story and then put it down in this book. Only the book was lost. Only 13 copies were ever printed. And Max at the Freakatorium got his hands on one. He scanned the etchings - they're like the length of my leg, and he's letting me have them one at a time. This is latest one. It depicts Oya as she lived inside this Mexican pyramid in Chichenitza. Say that five times quick. The Mayans apparently threw human sacrifices into the pyramid and she feasted on them. No one knows how long she was in there. Whether she was a prisoner or a God to be worshipped. But she seemed content to remain and occasionally helped the Mayans battle their enemies. Sounds pretty out there, I know, but it's the best reason for making pyramids that I've heard. To imprison vampires! I don't know why nobody's thought of this before.

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