Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Feminism and Horror

Welcome To my life. Day 5755. Hello, my sleepy sausages. So I've been reading my girl, Brittney-Jade's blog Day Of The Woman (Brittney and I share a common aversion for all things Twatlight) and I came across her review of Jennifer's Body and how feminism is alive and well in horror (though not in Jennifer's Body). I'm a big fan of BJ's blog. She gets really emotional. Just check out this commentary on Jennifer's Body:

I was brought to an article that I at first had no words for. PoppaScotch over at Horror-Movies.ca apparently believes that Feminist Horror films do not exist and he hates that the only reason Jennifer's Body is getting so much press is because it's a "feminist" film. I am going to respectfully disagree. I stress the word respectfully because I'll admit it's taking every ounce of strength I have not to completely lash out and be a complete bitch about it.

She goes on to say:

Jennifer's Body is actually a woman "hating" film. It's a classic example of men not being able to trust women or the vagina.

Well, God damn it, I just want to get my two cents in. Brittney-Jade always gets me fired up. Feminism is Horror! And I don't just mean douchey flicks like Hard Candy where the chick actually castrates a dude (and we don't even get to see it!) I mean Horror at its core has a feminist agenda! Think about it. Every single storyline revolves around a woman becoming empowered enough to take on some monstrous male nemesis. In a classic sense of the word, you cannot get more feminist than A Nightmare On Elm Street! I realize the girl has to show her tits first, but that's all part of the 'feminine sacrifice'. Horror chicks have always been badass! And besides, we invented the genre. Ever heard of Mary Shelley?

Anyway, I haven't seen Jennifer's Body (not up close anyway) so I can't judge whether or not it stands up to the feminine ideal. But I will say this. As long as there's a creeping monster around, as long as flesh is in danger of being torn and mangled, there will always be some badass bitch ready to save the day ala Ripley, ala Sarah Connor, ala Carrie, ala you get the picture. Other genres might pretend like they have some 'complex' women or whatever but at the end of the day, throw Sophie's Choice in the ring with Ripley any day! Let's see who comes out first. Nobody kicks as much ass as horror chicks! And that's the truth, Ruth! As far as trusting the vagina? Well, do that at your own peril.

Also, Vampire Film Festival is holding a Trailer Contest. Vote who gets into the festival! How cool is that?! Finally we have a say in what direction vampire films are going. There's a war on, baby! Twatlighters vs the true Vampire fans. We must take back our genre! Vote now:


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