Monday, September 28, 2009

Lara's Top Five Zombie Flicks

Welcome to my life. Day 5768. Greetings my Chalky Residues. So here are my five fave zombie flicks. I know, I'm partial to the comic zombie flicks. I once heard that horror directors have a saying: "If you don't give the audience something to laugh at, they will find something". And it's true, I mean, it's kind of hard to take some of the really over the top make-up in zombie flicks too seriously. You just have to kind of marvel at the artistry and enjoy the gruesomeness. Very few zombie flicks really even attempt anything resembling reality and many of those that do, fail miserably. To succeed as a zombie flick you can't take yourself too seriously, that's all I'm saying. Just think Resident Evil. I also realize that a few films that some would consider classics are not on there. Relax. I'm not saying these are the best. They're just my favorites.

5. Fido
Hilarious plot revolves around a parallel dimension in the 50's where zombies have been defeated and are now pets and servants. Canadian Zombies.

4. Day of The Dead
Okay, so Return and Dawn are probably superior, but neither of them have a zombie named Bub who they try to 'tame'. He makes it for me. The Tom Savini Make-up is legendary.

3. Evil Dead II
Evil Dead with a budget. Though I love the original and Army of Darkness rules too, this is the real gem for me. Plot revolves around an ancient book that opens a doorway to another world. Sam Raimi went on to make the Spiderman movies.

2. 28 Days Later

Okay, this is the one zombie flick that truly scared the crap out of me. And I'm not easily spooked. This flick actually attempts to take itself seriously and succeeds mostly because zombism isn't a resurrection from the dead at all but a disease called Rage. The effects are minimal which actually makes it more realistic. Director Danny Boyle went on to win an Oscar with Slumdog Millionaire.

1. Dead Alive
Peter Jackson's masterpiece remains the cream of the crop to this day in my opinion. The effects are truly incomparable. No one before or after has put this much effort and ingenuity into zombie make-up and for that reason alone it stands on top. Remember, zombie make-up should have some action. An arm should fall off or a eyeball should explode. Just looking dead isn't enough. Jackson went on to make King Kong and Lord Of The Rings.

There you have it. Lara's top five. I have a strong feeling that Fido's about to get knocked off by Zombieland. Only 96 hours to go!

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  1. Lara, Those are some very good choices in Zombie Flicks. So Here's a more recent Zombie film that came out on DVD that is both equally very scary and funny:
    1.SEXY KILLER: Recently a lot of very good recent Horror films have been coming out of Spain(REC, THE ORPHANAGE) and this one is one of the best Horror/Comedy films to come out in a long while. It's about Barbara, a young medical student who is also a serial murderer known as the "Campus Killer",who's a sort of DEXTER meets JANICE DICKINSON. Her character is also like a combination of Paris Hilton & Hannibal Lector. When the murders on campus pile up & the police are baffled by who's doing the killing, two med students use an orthodox way of finding out who the killer is by using a machine that reads the thoughts of the dead victims to reveal the killer, but it has an aftereffect of reviving the dead into man-eating zombies! The whole film is like if Pedro Almodovar did a horror film with it's campy, kitsch colors, gory murder sequences, great zombie makeup effects and even hilarious musical numbers. Macarena Gomez(DAGON, ROMASANTA THE WEREWOLF HUNTER)plays Barbara in a deliciously over the top performance that makes her the best anti-heroine in movies in a long time and she even breaks the Fourth Wall by talking to the movie audience and giving tips how to commit the perfect murder! This film has homages to Romero(the medical college where Barbara studies at is called "The George A. Romero Medical College", Argento, Bava, Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson, Stuart Gordon and others, but the film is currently not available on US Region 1 DVD yet and can be ordered thru AMAZON UK but you'll have to need a Region Free DVD player to see this great funny/scary Region 2 PAL DVD release.


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