Friday, September 11, 2009

Badass Bitch Of The Week - Tiffany Shepis

Welcome To my life. Day 5751. Hello my ravishing rapscallions, This week I'm introducing a new weekly post (God, I've got more than seven now, huh?) It's called Badass Bitch of the week and this week's winner is none other than B-Movie Screen Goddess, Tiffany Shepis. Those who missed her in last year's Nightmare Man should be ashamed! This totally ass-kicking babe has been in like a hundred indie horror flicks and is already a legend on the exploitation scene. She's appeared in such classics as Chainsaw Cheerleaders, Death Factory, Scarecrow, Zombthology and Tromeo and Juliet. Here she is on the Death Factory poster:

Get to know her, you'll totally fall in love. And somebody tell Hollywood what they're missing! Also it's her Birthday, so I'm blowing her a Big Badass Bitch Birthday kiss! You rock, Sheps.

Check out Tiff's site:


Buy Nightmare Man today:


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