Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Ancestor Caught Dracula!

Welcome to my life. Day 5748. Okay, so totally awesome news. So Mom and I finally have a moment together without stupid Helen sticking her nose in and Mom started telling me about our family tree. Well, it appears that back in Bulgaria, Mom was like a noble, a Countess. Of course when she came here, none of that shit mattered so she never even bothered telling us about it. Well, our family has a coat of arms and everything. This is it:

The main emblem is the crow with a ring in its mouth. Not sure yet what it means but I'm positive there's a story behind it. Just have to dig deeper.

Now the reason that this is so cool is that with this crest I can trace my ancestry. I mean, whenever this crest pops up in history, it has to belong to an old relative of mine, because that's how crests work. They're like historical fingerprints. I don't know if that how they were intended but they are our only real link to our pasts. I mean think about it, how many of us can really trace our history back more than a few of generations? so much happens that family history gets lost and diluted. Well, if you've got a family crest, you can trace it. So I started digging and I found out that I'm related to none other that Matthias Corvinus. Matthias who, you ask? Only the dude who captured Dracula! Or the dude that Dracula was based on! That's right. Matthias Corvinus (Corvo means crow in Latin) imprisoned one Vlad The Impaler, otherwise known as Vlad Dracula. If you don't believe me, check out his bio on Wiki:


Naturally this explains a great deal. I wish Mom had come clean about this sooner. I wonder what else she's keeping from us.

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  1. Maybe your ancestors taxed the hell out of peasants, so every time they got anything valuable, your relatives would swoop in and take it from them.

    Expensive business catching vampires.


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