Saturday, September 5, 2009

Band of the Week - Jezabella Kipp

Welcome to my life. Day 5746. God what a bore! The entire family - that is me, my shitty sister, Helen, gay brother, Raymond, Mom and Dad are cramming into the Jeep Compass to go CAMPING for the labor day holiday! Can you picture little miss perfect camping? Well, she's all into it. bought herself some designer hiking boots and everything. I'm like, doesn't that defeat the purpose of hiking boots? Having them be all designer and shit? Mine are from Sally's Vintage as most of my clothes are. Sally gets all the cool stuff and gives me great discounts. I'm not one of those Goths who has to wear chains and pierce my face a million times. I'm more of a classic Goth. As Goths should be. I mean, that's like the whole meaning of the word - old and classic. I mean, I get the whole death fixation part of it but really it's about all that is dark and beautiful. Nowadays it's just become rebellion.

Anyway, this should be good. In the meantime you will love with this totally dark and soulful band of the week. The band is really this chick and her backup band and her name is Jezabella Kipp. She's French and oh so smooth. Her music will hypnotize you and make you feel totally sexy. Share it with that special Goth someone. For those of you in Los Angeles (I wish) and with a proper fake ID, Jezabella is performing live tonight at the Viper Room.

Here's her site:


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