Friday, September 18, 2009

Pink Gym Suit! Arrgh!

Welcome to my life. Day 5758. So this year Goshen High School decided that they were going to institute PINK (!!!!!!!) GYM suits for the girls. I guess it's all part of our nation's coservative insanity right now and every momma and poppa freaking out about the prospect of their kids becoming infected by that gay bug! So now they want us all to turn into Kens and Barbies. As if I didn't hate Gym enough! Of course Helen is thrilled to bits. She's prancing around like someone shoved a pink lollipop up her twat. I want to kill somebody! I've already composed a letter to the Board Of Education complaining about our treatment (which I'm sure conflicts with the Geneva Convention):

Dear B.O.E.,

I am hereby writing this very official letter because I feel that my rights as a citizen of the free nation of the United States of America are being most horrendously impinged. You see, my school has seen fit to dress its student body in PINK (!!!!!) Gym suits! Now I understand the criminal justice system having the need to dress their inmates in those toxic orange jumpsuits. But what the hell have we done?! I wish to file a formal complaint against my school and the people responsible for this cruel and unusual punishment. Kindly return our uniforms to their traditional gray (black would be ok too) and I will forget this ever happened.


Lara Baxter

Random thought of the week - Shouldn't the 'g' in gynecologist be pronounced as a 'j'?

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