Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cool Video - Crowd At An Accident

Welcome To my life. Day 5757. Good day my dimpled dumplings. Sometimes I play hooky from school and catch a train into the city and just walk around with my video camera filming all the crazy people in the street. That's what I did today. And I caught this great little moment. Tell me what you think.

It's kind of spooky. I was just standing there. Everyone was staring at the accident. Some people had cameras and they were taking pictures of the accident. But what fascinated me was the people staring. Watching. Time seemed to stand still. And this music was playing in the background. That's natural sound! Some street musicians. I don't know. No one was hurt. But it was pretty spooky. When I got home I got in big trouble. Mom got a call from the principal about me being absent and generally having a 'lackluster attitude towards education.' I don't really mind the education. It's just the people that are a total bore. Everyone is such a poser! None of them can think for themselves. And if they can, they're too afraid to show it! Anyway, all my ambitions are of an artistic nature. So my little excursion was probably more beneficial to my existence than twenty algebra classes. But that's life, right? I mean, how much of our lives can we really say are not a total waste of time? It's like a bad movie. You spend the first act learning shit you don't need to know, the second act working for the man, trying to build your life one little brick at a time, then the third, when you're really not good to anyone anymore, trying to enjoy what's left of it, while keeping yourself alive with some prescribed chemical cocktail, and needing to piss every 20 minutes. It's all so depressing. I see my Dad come home day in and day out. He tries to get excited about stuff. But it never lasts long. Lies are hard to sustain. A paycheck is a small reward for wasting your life. Maybe that's what this video shows. These people, on their lunch breaks, just seeing a tiny break in the monotony. Maybe for a moment they are reminded of the cruel passage of time, of the choices they made and the fears they succumbed to that placed them in this hamster wheel. Maybe that is what is on their faces. One of those rare moments when life asks you to stop and take a look at itself. Then again, maybe not. Gotta go, Mom's coming. I've lost my computer privileges. Who says home is not like jail?! So you might not hear from me for a few days. I'll try to use the ones at school.


  1. Our time, and what we choose to do with it, is the most valuable thing we actually have some control over in our lives. If you're wasting your time, then you're wasting your life. I say embrace every single day as if it were your last. Sure, we have to pay our bills, but that doesn't mean we have to do so in a way that bores us to death (literally).

    I can sympathize with your attitude about school. I also loved the learning, detested the lemmings. This is one of the reasons I chose to homeschool my daughter. I wanted her to at least have a fighting chance at holding on to her passion for learning new things and aspiring to live a life without all that monotany and the "that's life" mentality. I'm sure the world will get ahold of her at some point (probably when she gets her first job) but for now I'm planting the seeds of living a life not wasted, even for one minute.

    I can tell you still have that passion. Hang in there!

  2. Thanks, Leah. It's good to know somebody understands.


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