Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thing of the week - The Gogirl

Welcome to my life. Day 5743. Hello, my cuddletarts, time for Lara's funky thing of the week. Those of you familiar to my Superfan pages will know that I am a fan of several wonderful and innovative inventions such as the Roomba - automated vacuum cleaner and cat litter (also known as C Litty). This week I bring you the Gogirl - a device that allows women to pee standing up. It's amazing to me that no one has thought of this before. Undoubtedly it will eventually give rise to the feminal - girl's urinal. The device is actually a sort of diagonal funnnel with like a wide suction top that looks like a mini-bedpan. On their site they have chicks skiing and rowing boats (presumably with gogirls attached to their twats) and their slogan is, "Don't take life sitting down." That's right! No longer will women have to suffer the indignities of rolling out handfuls of toilet paper to cover that nasty seat in the womens' John (shouldn't it be called Jane?)! In this day and age it's hard to believe we share toilet seats at all. You might as well go and do a naked butt-rub with a thousand strangers. So, you may laugh, and men will think we're just trying to be like them (as if!) but this is actually a very practical, hygienic (I had to look up that spelling) device that will surely stop the spread of many types of butt ailments. I wonder if they come in black.

Order yours today at GO-GIRL.COM

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  1. Wouldn't it be a bit tricky to read all your women mags while standing up?


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